#Tbt 3 weeks old with scary bunny watching my every move…..

3 hours ago

At the top. #nyc xx 🗽 😎 $€1£!€ #latergram

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Boo got me cheesin. #bachlorette xx @ladyeb1 😘🔥🔥🔥

2 days ago

Happy Monday. #mondaze 🌀🌀

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Hello!! #saturdaze 😈

5 days ago

Happy Fridaze. #Wu 👐 #nyc

5 days ago

This, on my arm, hopefully this weekend. RI I will be in you tmw and Sunday, who can make this happen? #PMA xx ❤️💛💚

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I have finally located a favorite fruit from my childhood…totally forgot what they’re called. 😋

6 days ago

#Tbt to when I smoked a lot of green, didn’t believe in tweezers and always wrapped my nappy hair…. (and yes I have always rocked my nickname) #Mela @jesse_d_leach #StationStreet 😎😑😏😲

1 week ago

@WeAreDeLaSoul brought it proper last night. Here with @QTipTheAbstract, what a stellar show. #nyc xx @jesse_d_leach (@eyeAgainstI) @vaughnlewis

1 week ago

De La Soul night. Stoked. @jesse_d_leach #nyc #DeLaSoul @vaughnlewis 😘👊⚡️🔥

1 week ago

I dress how I feel and today I was def feeling a little like a rocker. Of course Fleetwood Mac makes it all perfect. @courtshop denim all day! Great fit loves! 😘👊⚡️

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Last flight home….NYC HERE WE COME. Just heard a kid bark and one that won’t stop moaning….pray for us. @jesse_d_leach 🙏⚡️✈️💺🗽🌃xx (@eyeagainstI) xx

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Traveling reds. Apparently I can’t take this sweatshirt off @eurekarebelliontrading #boyznthehood, #Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge and #herschel backpack. No need to look like you gave up on life when traveling. #AlmostHome

1 week ago

Peace out arak a good luck with those shots…… (Porn Star, Screaming O and Hot Licks) 😳 #DirtySouth

1 week ago